Also known as: Common Binding Position / Binding Position

Bara is one of the more ‘well known’ Gorean positions, also referred to in various stages of the books as a ‘common binding position’.

The slave lies on her stomach, crossing her wrists behind her (commonly considered to be in the small of the back, although it is, to my knowledge, never stated clearly) and crossing her ankles.

“Bara, Kajira!” he said.
She rolled quickly to her stomach, placing her wrists behind her, crossed, and crossing her ankles, ready to be bound.”
Explorers of Gor, Pg. 75

"Bara," said Mincon to Tula. "Bara," said I to Feiqua.
Both slaves went immediately to their bellies, their heads to the left, their wrists crossed behind their backs, their ankles also crossed. It is a common binding position.
Mercenaries of Gor, Pg. 143



Also Known As: -

“high bracelets, low bracelets” are onlinisms – there is only one ‘bracelets’ mentioned in the books and it is simply ‘bracelets’.

The slave raises her head, and places her hands behind her back, ready to have a set of bracelets, cuffs, or restraints of another kind put on her wrists.

"Bracelets!" I said in Gorean, harshly.  The girl snapped to position, hands behind the small of her back, head lifted, chin up, turned to the left.  In such a posture she may be conveniently put in bracelets, and leashed.
Tribesman of Gor, Pg. 80


 Brand Position

Also Known As: Thigh / Mark

One of the ‘little known’ positions, there are apparently ‘multiple’ ways to display a brand/mark, but there is (to my knowledge) only one ever specifically explained.

The slave rises (or sinks!) to her knees and turns her thigh to the person who asked. She puts her hands behind her back, not quite touching. Of course, one variation being that if your brand/mark isn’t on your thigh, you would turn the part of your body that IS marked to the speaker.

 "Mark?" said a man.
Swiftly she rose up on her knees and turned her left thigh to the interrogator, at the same time putting her hands behind the small of her back, as though they might be braceleted there. It is one of the positions of brand display.
Mirus smiled.
Ellen flushed.
I hate him, she thought.
But she remained in the position, a common one for brand display. Her wrists, behind her back, were nearly touching. The position accentuates the breasts and, given the position of the hands, is provocatively emblematic.
 Prize of Gor, Pg. 416



Also Known As: Standard Capture / Captive / Supine Capture
This position is used in the books a lot when ‘capturing’ a slave – although it is not used as frequently in a real life setting. That being said, it is considered by some as a ‘vital’ position to know, possibly because it is a ‘vulnerable’ position and men find it pleasing to see a slave in it.

The slave lies on her back, with her feet flat on the floor, knees raised - often close together, although I don’t believe there to be a quote specifically stating this. There is also no quote referencing the position of the hands and arms – although again it is commonly accepted that they are kept by the sides, with palms facing either up or down.

"On your back," he said, "knees raised, heels on the floor." I then lay before him, in a standard, supine capture position.
 Kajira of Gor, Pg. 487

Also Known As: - 

This position, is considered more of a ‘command’ by some. Others, given the quote below, see it as a learnt position. It does appear to be very similar to some of the leashing positions.

The slave faces the speaker, holding her hands behind her she lifts her chin so that her collar (and/or ‘tag’) may be read easier.

"Collar!" I snapped. Instantly she faced me, holding her hands slightly behind her, and lifted her chin. In this position the collar may be conveniently read.
Swordsmen of Gor, Pg. 17



Also Known As: -

The ‘display’ position, to my knowledge, has many ‘positions’. All of which are aimed at ‘showing-off’ the body of the slave. For that reason, the picture below is of one of the more common positions I, personally, know – the one that pleases my Master most. I’m sure that for each slave, and Master, the position/positions (if any) will be different. After all, one is being ‘displayed’ when simply kneeling, or standing, in a room!

She now stood with the veil raised high above her head with her arms spread. This lifted the line of her breasts beautifully. Women are sometimes tied in this posture in a slave market. It is a not uncommon display position.
Players of Gor, Pg. 156


Examination Position (Another Form Of Display)

Also Known As: -

This position is one of many similar positions. Its aim is to allow a slave to be examined, displayed, while ensuring she must remain focused on her balance, rather than the examination / observation itself. Many Goreans teach 'Examination' as 'just another form of Display', others teach it is a completely seperate position as it allows the slave to consider the different mindsets.

The slave stands and spreads her legs wide. She clasps her hands behind her neck and tips her head backwards. This disrupts the natural balance, and means the slave must concentrate.

"Have that one stand, to be examined," said a man.
"Cotina, stand, examination position!" snapped Targo.
Cotina stood, her legs widely spread, her head back, her hands clasped behind the back of her neck. It is hard for a woman to move from this position and she must be concerned with her balance. The subtle adjustments and tenseness required to maintain her balance keep her even more helplessly in place, and these adjustments and this tenseness will also be expressed in her posture, providing body-language cues bespeaking obedience and servitude. Too, obviously this posture bares her vulnerably, and her hands cannot interfere with the examination. The position of the arms, the hands clasped behind the back of the neck, or, sometimes, behind the back of the head, lifts the bosom, exhibiting it beautifully.
Prize of Gor, Pg. 247


Gorean Bow

 Also Known As: Bow / Love Bow

This position is debated widely, some say it is not a ‘position’ in its own right, others say it is. It varies, normally, depending on the Master, and on the abilities of the woman. In a real life setting, dancing girls are often able to perform this move better than a non-dancing girl, for example. Although most Goreans can agree that it is uncommon for slaves to be able to hold the position for very long – if at all.

The slave, either aided or not, kneels in nadu. Bending backwards, she places her hands over her head and flat on the floor, pressing her breasts and stomach upwards in a helpless ‘bow’ shape.

Under the torchlight Phyllis Robertson was now on her knees, the Warrior at her side, holding her behind the small of the back. Her head went farther back, as her hands moved on the arms of the Warrior, as though once to press him away, and then again to draw him closer, and her head then touched the furs, her body a cruel, helpless bow in his hands, and then, her head down, it seemed she struggled and her body straightened itself until she lay, save for her head and heels, on his hands clasped behind her back, her arms extended over her head to the fur behind her.
Assassin of Gor, Pg. 176


Hair Position

Also Known As: Leading Position

This position is best performed by those with long hair. It’s much harder to do if the slave has short hair! There is also a hand signal for this command, as shown in the first quote. This position, as the name suggests, is a simple ‘leading’ position. It gives the slave a feeling of helplessness, and allows the Free to easily control her via tightening or loosening their grip on her hair.

The slave bends at the waist and allows her hair to fall forward. Hands are never specifically described, although personally I think just hanging the arms forward looks ungraceful – so perhaps hands behind the back, or on the back of the neck is more appropriate? Some also prefer to have the head turned to the thigh of the Free they are being lead by.

"I then transferred the paga to my left hand. I then snapped my fingers and held my right hand, open, at my hip. Swiftly the girl rose to her feet and, half crouching, put her head by my hand. I fastened the fingers of my hand deeply and firmly in her red hair. She winced, and kissed at my thigh. I then, the goblet of paga in my left hand, her hair in my right, dragged her beside me, her slender chains rustling, to the nearest alcove."
Rogue of Gor, Pg. 58

"In a moment I had left the building, pulling the captive behind me, her head down at my waist, in leading position."
Mercenaries of Gor, Pg. 418


High Harness

Also Known As: -

This position is used infrequently in the books, and is just a simple command for the slave to raise her head so a leash may be attached to her collar. The idea of ‘Low Harness’ is an onlinism. I, personally, don’t know anyone who uses this position in a real life setting, but I’m sure there are some, probably those that enjoy leashing a girl!!

The slave simply lifts her head as far as she can, allowing her collar to be easily accessable. As there is no citation for leg, or arm/hand, positions – I expect that the position doesn’t call for such things. Ie. A slave kneeling in nadu, commanded to ‘High Harness’, simply raises her head.

“Lift your head,” he said. “Higher. Higher!” She looked up at him, her head far back, the leash on her throat.
“You need not now keep your head in high-harness position,” he said to the girl.
Mercenaries of Gor, Pg. 314 & 315

High Kneel

Also Known As: -
Apparently a little known ‘position’ as it is only mentioned once, to my knowledge, in the entire series. It is not clearly explained, so there is room for a lot of variation in this one!

The slave kneels up, in the quote the position comes from nadu (she is kneeling in nadu and then rises) and so I expect the position keeps the knees open. However, the position could easily have the knees closed. This is also true for the positioning of the hands and wrists – it is never explicitly stated. Some Masters prefer the hands crossed in the small of the back (much like in positions like ‘Bara’), while others prefer them as they are in my picture – just loose before the slave.

“Kneel higher,” he said, “off your heels.” “Master?” she asked. This had brought her into suitable cuffing position. “Did you not speak at various times during the evening,” he asked, “without having requested permission?” “Yes, Master,” she said. “Forgive me, Master.” She then was flung to the side, cuffed, and lay on the dirt, to the side. “Return to your former position,” he said. She returned, apprehensively, to the high kneeling position, before him.
Dancer of Gor, Pg. 492



Also Known As: -

This position, I believe, is only found one or two of the books, despite the slaves having injections repeatedly in others!

The slave simply lies down on her right side and draws her knees upwards.  

"Lie down there," said Tutina, "on the rug, before his desk, on your right side, with your knees drawn up."
Awkwardly, and with unsteadiness, and some pain, the older woman, tears in her eyes, humiliated, went to her hands and knees, and then to the position to which she had been directed.
"Hereafter," said Tutina, "when you hear the command 'Injection position', in whatever language, you will instantly, and unquestioningly, assume this position."
~ Page 41 - Prize of Gor


Kneel to the whip

Also Known As: -
One of the more common positions found in the books, and one I’m sure most Gorean slaves have found themselves in at one time or another! ‘Kneel to the whip’ is a whipping position, the most common whipping position I’ve personally come across.

The slave kneels with her knees together and crosses her wrists over her chest. She lowers her head, so that her back is exposed.
"'Kneel to the whip, Melpomene!' she ordered. Melpomene then, sobbing, knelt, her legs close together, her wrists held crossed under her, as though bound, her head down, touching the floor, the bow of her back exposed, a slave girl awaiting punishment."
Fighting Slave of Gor, Pg. 292

"I went to Targo, trembling, and knelt at his feet... I crossed my wrists beneath me and touched my head to the floor, exposing the bow of my back. It is the submissive posture of a slave girl who is to be punished. It is called Kneeling to the Whip." 
Captive of Gor, Pg. 204



Also Known As: Leash
There is mention online of ‘high lesha’ and ‘low lesha’ – neither of which I have found while reading the books. I believe these two positions have been invented in the same way ‘high’ and ‘low’ bracelets have been. The position might change depending on whether the girl is kneeling or standing, but the command is always the same.

The slave places her wrists behind her, slightly separated (“some two inches”), as if in ‘bracelets’. She turns her head to the left and raises her chin so that a leash can easily be placed upon her collar.

"Lesha!" he said. Immediately, responsive to this command, I flung my wrists behind me, separated by some two inches, and lifted my chin, my head turned to the left. I felt slave bracelets flung, snapping shut, on my wrists. I was braceleted. In another moment I was leashed."
Dancer of Gor, Pg. 402

"Leash!” said the fellow, suddenly, harshly, behind the girl, in Gorean.
She jumped, startled, and cried out, frightened, but she did not, as a reflex, lift her head, turning it to the left, nor did the muscles in her upper arms suddenly move as though thrusting her wrists behind her, to await the two snaps of the slave bracelets.
Explorers of Gor, Pg. 63



Also Known As: Position of the Pleasure slave

Nadu, the position of the ‘pleasure slave’. It is by far the most widely found Gorean position. The position also has a hand signal, which is described in the first quote below. The last quote is a variation mentioned in the books, which is often referred to by onliners as ‘Thentis’ rather than ‘Nadu’. There is no reference to this being the correct ‘command’, the only reference to ‘Thentis’ is to say where on Gor the variation is known/comes from.

The slave kneels back on her heels with her back straight, knees spread widely, hands resting on her thighs – palms up showing ‘silent begging’ and palms down indicating ‘not begging’. The palms are normally face down, unless begging. There is also a reference to 'Nadu' in Thentis which states the hands are crossed behind the back, there is also a passing reference to the 'hands being behind the back of the neck', although I believe this to be an uncommon version. The head position is not clear, as different quotes show different positions – It is, however, stated in Kajira of Gor that holding the head raised is the commonest form, as it shows off the collar and the beauty of a slaves facial features are displayed well too.

“He suddenly snapped His fingers and, in the swift double gesture of a Gorean Master, pointed to a place on the dirt floor before Him, almost simultaneously turning His hand, spreading His first and index finger, pointing downwards.
I fled to Him and knelt before Him, my knees in the dirt, in the position of the pleasure slave, my head down, trembling.”
 Captive of Gor, pg. 140

"Nadu!" he snapped.
She swiftly turned, facing him, and dropped to her knees. She knelt back on her heels, her back straight, her hands on her thighs, her head up, her knees wide. It was the position of the pleasure slave. “
Explorers of Gor, Pg. 75

“The hands of a Pleasure Slave normally rest on her thighs but, in some cities, for example, Thentis, I believe, they are crossed behind her.”
Priest Kings of Gor, Pg. 41



Also Known As: Belly / Show Submission
There are several forms of ‘Obeisance’. Some are mentioned in passing, others are delved into in more detail. All, however, have the same meaning – a clear display of submission. Others undoubtedly exist, but are (as is common with the Gor novels) open for interpretation or misinterpretation.
The slave, simply, performs a position that shows subservience and submission. This often involves laying or kneeling, with the head bowed.

"There are many ways to perform obeisance. "I said.
"I am a free woman," she said, " I know none of them."
"I shall instruct you briefly in three," I said. " First kneel before me , back on your heels, yes, with your knees wide, wider, your hands on your thighs, your back straight, your breasts out, good, your belly in, good, and now lower your head in deference, in submission."
“Like a slave!” she said.
“Do it,” I said. She looked well. "Now that," I said, " may not be exactly a form of obeisance, for authorities do not all agree, but for our purposes we shall count it as one. It is, at any rate, a beautiful position, and it is, certainly, a common position of slave submission."
“Slave submission!” she cried.
“Yes,” I said, “and you do it well. It looks natural on you.”
"Now" I said, "and this is clearly a form of obeisance, bend forward and put your head to the mat, the palms of your hands on the mat. Good. Now lift your head little and come forward, substantially keeping the position. Forward a little more."
"But then my face will be at your feet," she said," My lips will be over them!"
"Yes," I said, "Good, now, put your head down and lick and kiss my feet."
"I am a free Woman!" She said.
"You are a woman," I said. "Now softly lingeringly, and lovingly. Good."
"I am not a slave," she said.
 "All women are slaves, " I said. "Imagine what this would be like if you were truly a collared slave."
She gasped.
“Good,” I said. “Continue.”
Frightened, she did so.
"Now" I said, "for a third form of obeisance. You may belly to me."
"I do not understand," she whispered.
"There are various forms of bellying," I said, “and bellying may be suitably and pleasingly combined with other forms of floor movements, approaching the Master on all fours, turning to your sides and back, writhing before him, and so on. We will take a very simple variation, suitable for an ignorant free female who has not yet even begun to discover the depths of her sexuality."
She looked up at me.
"On your belly," I said. She backed off a bit, and went to her belly. Her hair was before her face, as she, now on her belly before me, looked up at me.
"Now inch forward," I said, "remaining low on your belly, and when you reach my feet, once again, as before, lifting your head a little, tenderly and humbly, and beautifully, as though you were a slave, lick and kiss them. Good. Good. Now take my foot and place it gently on your head. Very good. Now place it again on the mat, and kiss it again. Good. You may now belly back a little, humbly. I have not yet given you permission to rise of course."
Mercenaries of Gor Pg. 428-429

In first obeisance position, often assumed by a slave in the presence of a free man, she kneels with her head to the ground, and the palms of her hands down on the ground on either side of her head.
Swordsmen of Gor, Pg. 195

The usual second obeisance position has the slave go to her belly, her hands on either side of her head.
Swordsmen of Gor, Pg. 195


Also Known As: She-Quadruped

This “position” is the reason for the debate ‘pet-girls are on Gor’ – that, I’m sure, is a debate for another time. It appears to only be used to remind slaves that they are little more than ‘animals’, and it is certainly not quoted as an enjoyable position to be in, rather a humiliating one. Some will debate this isn’t a ‘position’ and is more of an action – others, normally using the final quote below, define it as a position.

The slave kneels on all fours (palms and knees on the ground), she can be ordered to raise her head so that a leash may be attached – however, this isn’t always the case, as a Free doesn’t always want to leash his slave.

In this form of slavery, which is commonly used for disciplinary purposes, or for the amusement of the Master, the woman is not permitted to arise from all fours; similarly she is not permitted human speech, though she may signify needs and desires by such means as cringing, and moaning and whimpering. Not permitted the use of her hands, save as a means of locomotion, she must also eat and drink from pans set on the floor, or, sometimes to satisfy her thirst, she must lap the water permitted to her from puddles or lick pillages from the tiles; too, it is no uncommon to chain her near her master's feet, while he dines, that he may, if he wishes, throw her scraps of food. She will also be taught tricks, through which paces she may be put for the entertainment of her master's guests, such things as begging, lying down, rolling over, and fetching his sandals in her teeth. And, needless to say, when her master wishes to use her sexually, it will be a position common to the she-quadruped.
Guardsman of Gor, Pg. 239

""Now on all fours, arms straight, head up!" I said. Immediately she assumed this position. "Please do not put me in the slavery of the she-quadruped, Master," she begged. "I will put you there, and keep you there, if it pleases me," I told her. "Yes, Master," she said."
Guardsman of Gor, Pg. 336


Slave Lips

Also Known As: -

The slave purses her lips as if for kissing. She is then not allowed to move until she has been kissed, or has kissed. The position of the hands, legs, etc are unimportant in this position.

 “A girl who is commanded to make slave lips, or who receives the command, "Slave lips," must form her mouth for kissing. She then, commonly, is not permitted to break this lip position until either she kisses or is kissed. Needless to say, a girl can not speak when her lips are in the unbroken, fully-pursed slave-lips position."
Blood Brothers of Gor, Pg. 125



Also Known As: Veck

Occasionally considered an onlinism due to the term ‘Veck’. However, ‘Veck’ is one of the few Gorean words actually used in the books.

The slave stands straight, her head held high and her belly sucked in. Her hip is turned slightly, to give definition to her figure. The more commonly seen position is with the feet flat on the floor, however, depending on the Master the slave is seen occasionally being up on her toes.

He looked me over. I blushed, under Gorean appraisal, I only wore my tether.
"Stand as a slave. " he said.
I stood beautifully, back straight, head high, belly sucked in , hip turned. No woman can stand more beautifully than as a Gorean slave girl. 
"Excellent," said Ladletender, smacking his lips.
Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 287

I felt myself being rolled roughly on my back. "Veck, Kajira," said a voice, harshly. "Veck, Kajira." It was not a patient voice. I looked up, startled, frightened. I cried out with pain.
I felt the point of his dagger beneath my chin. It hurt. It thrust up. I cried out, rising almost to my toes. I then stood straight before them. I stood straighter than I had ever stood in my life.
The man then stepped back, and he, and the other, inspected me, completely, walking about me.
Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 7 & 9



Also Known As: Position of Female Submission / Submit / Collaring

Although it is common for Goreans to claim this position is performed with knees spread, I cannot find a quote that supports this. The quotes merely state 'kneels back on heels' and not 'spreads knees'. In these pictures, my knees are spread, as it is most commonly though of as the 'common' way, although as I have already stated - without citation or clarification the interpretation of closed knees cannot be wrong.

The slave kneels, putting weight on her feet and heels, and raising her hands, she crosses her wrists. She lowers her head betwenn her raised arms in another gesture of submission. The idea of raising the hands and arms over the head seems to be a misrepresentation, probably started by 'online training' groups, and/or people who took the poosition without thinking of its use and meaning. Bearing in mind that the idea of the position is to allow easy 'binding of the wrist' by the standing free person, it stands to reason that the position should have the wrists in a convenient location for this. Most I have spoken to agree that this is best when the wrists are pointed at 'about waist height', although no quote supports or opposes this.

"Assume the posture of female submission," I told her. She did so, kneeling back on her heels, her arms extended, wrists crossed, her head between them, down. She was weeping.
Tribesman of Gor, Pg. 434

"Submit," he said.
I could not disobey him.
I fell to my knees before him, resting on my heels, extending my arms to him, wrists crossed, as though for binding, my head lowered, between my arms.
Captive of Gor, Pg. 393



Also Known As: -

This position is considered by some a very ‘pretty’ position, and a ‘vunerable’ one. It is often labelled an onlinism due to the confusion with ‘Sula-Ki’, but it is found in the books.

The slave lies on her back with her legs open. Her hands and arms are kept by her side. It is most common for the slave to have her palms up in this position.

"Sula, Kajira!" said the man. She slid her legs from under her and lay on her back, her hands at her sides, palms up, legs open."
Explorers of Gor, Pg. 75



Also Known As: Position of a House slave

The position of ‘tower’ is used mostly by ‘house slaves’ (those who do not serve sexually), or by all slaves when in the presence of free women, unless commanded otherwise. There is a disagreement as to whether the position shown in the photo is a 'Free Woman' kneel or a 'slave' kneel due to the position of the hands and wrists. There are many quotes, one quoted below, that clearly state the position is 'nadu-with-knees-together', so I believe the quote of 'slaves must kneel with the wrists crossed' to be a variation, not necessarily the norm.

The slave kneels back on her heels, keeping her knees together. Her palms are rested on her thighs, normally palms down, the wrists may be crossed, or uncrossed as the Master needs/wishes. Often, although not always, the eyes and head are lowered.

"The position of the tower slave, in most cities, is very similar to that of the pleasure slave. The major difference is that the tower slave, whose duties are commonly, primarily, domestic, kneels with her knees in a closed position”
 Blood Brothers of Gor, Pg. 121

"I recalled that Ulrick had told me that certain kinds of slaves, house slaves, 'tower slaves,' and such, whatever they were, might kneel with their knees together..."
Dancer of Gor Pg. 86



Also Known As: Common Usage / Gorean Usage

This position is often used by roleplayers, which sadly has given it a rather bad name. It is, however, a position mentioned in the books, albeit in passing, and not an onlinism. Although it is considered a ‘common’ usage position by Goreans world-wide it is never labelled as 'Usage' in the books (that, I have been informed, is an old Silk&Steel joke reference). I mention its online name for it is an unnamed position in the books and the terms 'Usage', 'Common Usage' or 'Gorean Usage' are never used in the books. It is also not the only position used for sex – so I expect this position is used by those who like it, and ignored by those who don’t!

The slave, from a kneeling position puts her head to the floor and entwines her fingers at the back of her head, leaving her elbows on the ground. The knees are often parted, although this is normally implied, not stated.

He knelt me there.
“Put your head down, to the floor,” he said. “Clasp your hands, firmly, behind the back of your neck.”
“Yes, Master,” I moaned. He was then behind me. He put his hands, under my arms, on my breasts, sweetly and firmly. Then he moved his hands back, caressing my flanks. My head was down. My fingers were together, behind the back of my neck."
Kajira of Gor, Pg. 506-507


Whipping Position

Also Known As: Whip Position / Standard Whipping Position

Often confused with ‘kneel to the whip’, the whipping position is actually a very different position – although both kneel to the whip and the whipping position share a common purpose. The whipping position is often stated in the books as being an ‘aided’ position (ie. The slave is held in chains, or bound in some way).

The slave, often aided by bracelets or chain, stands with her arms extended above her head, her wrists crossed. The ankles are lifted only very slightly.

In moments the slave, stripped, her wrists crossed and bound, and fastened over her head, to a stout, overhanging branch, that her beauty might be protected, that she might not be dashed against a post or tree trunk, was in whip position.
Kur of Gor, Pg. 477

I then, by means of a wheel set in the wall, with its ratchet arrangement, drew the chain back and through the ring, hauling her to her feet. She then stood with her hands high above her head. Her heels were just a quarter of an inch off the tiles.
In my house I saw fit to honor the customs of Victoria. No longer now did the girl seem frightened. Though she seemed apprehensive, now, as any slave in her position might well be, she had, as she had been pulled into position, shuddered with relief. She knew that she had been carried across a threshold as a slave, and had now been placed in a standard whipping position.
Guardsman of Gor, Pg. 204


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